THE RHYME MAIDENS 1-1-11 by Neil Gaiman (signed limited broadside)

These hand-printed broadsheets were made in celebration of the wedding of Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer. The poem was written by Neil Gaiman about the night before their wedding. Fifty unique folios contain two versions of the same broadsheet: a proof copy and the final edition that were printed in a limited edition of 250. The typefaces used are Granjon, Dyer, Willow and You Murderer. The embossing was done from polymer plates that were mounted type high and then squeezed through the press by hand. The paper is acid free 250 gm archival Rising Stonehenge. The wood engravings are incised on end grain maple and were made by George A.Walker who also designed and hand-printed the whole project on his Vandercook SP15 proof press in the winter of 2012.EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON!

Here we offer the 250 copy limited edition broadside, SIGNED BY GAIMAN AND GEORGE WALKER!

Heavily embossed and signed by Neil Gaiman and George Walker.


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